"As a data intermediary for NTT Fundraising, we source consumer leads using a variety of different strategies such as email marketing and telephone surveys - but have found that Clash-Media's Online Lead Generation is by far the most profitable because of its measurability."

"Expanding our digital strategy has been a key focus for us over the last few months and we felt that Online Lead Generation would perfectly complement our other existing marketing and advertising channels. Clash-Media has a fantastic reputation in the Digital Marketing and Online Lead Generation sector and has already showed significant commitment to developing a bespoke campaign to suit our specific requirements in both design and number of leads required."

"We chose Clash-Media because of the flexibility it offered when reaching out to our target audience. Clash-Media could hit our entire key demographic in a controlled way, monitoring the volume of leads which we received. This made it easier for us to manage our call centre operatives and enhanced the service we were able to offer our new customers."

"We have been working with Clash-Media for a few months on a pilot project to provide 1,500 leads. This was so successful that we have upped our monthly quota to over 3,000. Clash-Media understands our targets and provides the amount of leads we need quickly - always relating to our target demographic."