Clash Media specializes in identifying and delivering large volume of customers interested in your product or service. No other company can match the effectiveness of our online marketing solutions.

Our Online lead generation network enables advertisers to access an extremely wide audience of consumers. Through our unrivaled network of publishers and unique technology Clash has access to the vast majority of the U.K. online population. This provides a cost effective method of introducing your product to consumers who have expressed a bona fide interest in the service.

Campaigns can be tailored to suit each advertiser's individual requirements, allowing full control over delivery, quantity and the type of leads you receive. Lead generation provides a complete solution for advertisers looking to build a prospect database of fresh opt-in leads with full client ownership.

Clash Media are direct marketing specialists, as well as building a prospect lists for you. We can also provide you with access to our own database. This comprehensive list of lifestyle data, can be easily mined and provides advertisers with a fast and effective method of communicating with potential customers. Clash Media offer full postal and phone lists for whatever your marketing needs. All data is uniquely captured and regularly updated to ensure the highest of quality and responsiveness.