Path Solutions for Publishers

Clash Media offers a solution to help monetize your unused or under-utilized post-registration pages. If you're a web publisher who hasn't considered running this program, we offer a significant incremental revenue stream. For web publishers who are currently running a third-party revenue path, Clash can bring stronger ECPM's to the table. Publishers are provided with a login and password so they can access the revenue path admin system. The system offers real-time reporting, the ability to swap any of the offers that are in their pre-selected campaign bank, and also control the order in which the offers are displayed.

  • Demographic targeting to ensure increased "clickability." - Our path processes the data collected on a publisher's website, and puts it through a filter to make sure the user is seeing the most targeted offers. We can target based on gender, date of birth, and geo-location. We also have the ability to target based on custom data collected on the front-end (where that user shops, if they smoke, etc.).
  • IP Targeting - Perhaps the most significant difference between Clash and the rest of the performance-based ad world is our global reach. With our ground presence in four, soon to be five major cities in Europe, we can serve offers based on IP addresses. Our system recognizes the international IP, and serves an offer-set that appeals to that specific user.
  • Customized offer banks - We have developed a system that guarantees publisher satisfaction, in terms of the ad selection. Before this program is set live, we work directly with the publisher and cherry-pick 7-8 offers of their choice. If they decide that they only want three offers on a page at a time, that's not a problem. If/when an offer hits cap, our system automatically inserts the next pre-selected offer. This ensures maximum revenue returns.
  • Customized Templates - Publishers can run as few or as many offers as they'd like to run on one page. They also have control of how many "one-offs" run back to back, if any at all. We want to make sure that the user isn't turned off by our path. Using the style sheets we can replicate colors, text sizes, creative sizes, and the publisher's URL always remains the same.
  • Best-Performing Offers - We have an aggressive sales team that makes sure we always have the most branded offers across a wide range of verticals. This way Clash doesn't limit their client-base. Whether you have a debt site or a travel site, we have offers that will appeal to your users.
  • Simplicity - We have developed a proprietary techno logy that makes the implementation headache-free. We provide our publishers with a step-by-step document, and our tech. team is readily available to field any questions you may have.