Path Solutions for Advertisers

Clash Media has developed a program that helps companies, large and small, target their core audience. Our partner path serves as an all-encompassing solution to your needs. Whether you are a one person start-up interested in driving registrations, or you are a large corporation interested in generating qualified sales leads, our program is for you.

  • Transparency - The "New Face" of lead generation - Since the inception of lead generation and co-registration, advertisers have pushed their publishers for site-specific, targeted web placement. Traditionally, these requests have fallen on dead ears. Clash Media understands their advertisers, and we have created a solution that allows our clients full access to our network of proprietary, content-rich websites. We are moving away from the run-of-network approach to advertising.
  • Connecting Advertisers and Publishers - We work for two clients: Advertisers interested in generating sales leads, and Web Publishers interested in monetizing their unused web inventory. Our job is to simultaneously satisfy both sides. Clash Media's Partner path is our solution. We work with advertisers to develop a web strategy, and once we have a clear understanding of their target-market, we access our partner database, and present a list of sites that fit that mold.
  • Setting Expectations - The success or failure of any ad campaign usually rides on the communication between advertiser and publisher. We understand the importance of an open dialogue, and we work to ensure that both sides have a very clear understanding of what is expected. We will not take a campaign knowing that our client simply wants "good leads." We ask the questions that will get you results. Clash takes pride in the fact that each and every ad campaign we create is built around our advertiser's goals and expectations.
  • IP Targeting - We have a significant global reach. With offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Munich, London, and New York, we have the ground presence and capability to reach the over-seas clients you're interested in acquiring. When a user registers on our partner paths, our system recognizes that IP address, and serves up an offer based on the IP's country of origin.
  • Demographic targeting - Not only can we target based on a user's IP address, but we can also target based on the data we collect.
  • Here are a few examples: Age, Gender, Geo-location, Marital Status.