Industry Unique Quality Module

Clash Media generates over 100,000 leads a day via our own media and our network of partners helping companies, large and small to target their core audience. Working with Clash Media eliminates the need to work with multiple lead providers and serves as an all-encompassing solution for all your lead requirements. Our publisher base now includes the likes of Facebook, Myspace, GMTV, MSN, ThinkBaby and Toptable giving our clients a broad spectrum of consumers to target their offers to.

When generating such large volumes of leads it is important to ensure quality and accuracy therefore we process all our leads via our "Industry Unique Quality Module"

  • Postal address is PAF validated
  • All required data fields are passed to client in the correct format
  • All leads are unique
  • Landline Telephone Number Validation- checks the telephone number exists
  • Landline Telephone Account Holder Validation- checks whether the bill payer of the telephone number can be matched to the name entered
  • Mobile Number Validation- checks the mobile number exists
  • Checks for profanities or celebrity names in: Email, firstname, lastname, address

Our Quality Module means our leads have a higher conversion rate than any other lead generator in the industry which is why we have hundreds of satisfied clients working exclusively with Clash.